What is female alcoholism?

The health of a nation is determined by the health of each individual. In the age of a frantic pace of life, a constant race to survive and high expectations, due to stress and problems, people become victims of many serious addictions. One of them is alcoholism – a terrible scourge of our time and a problem for many families who, due to circumstances, are forced to contact or live next to people who drink.

Treatment of alcoholism in Yekaterinburg

Constant and prolonged use of alcohol leads to severe consequences for a person – metabolic disorders, poisoning of internal organs with ethyl alcohol, mental degradation of the personality, nervous and physical exhaustion.

For families where fathers, brothers, or mothers, sisters abuse alcohol, their addictions negatively affect other family members – and children in the first place.

Wife, children are constantly under stress, because a chronically drinking person becomes inadequate, his psyche changes for the worse, his character and general physical well-being deteriorate. Wives often begin to drink with their husbands – while in women, codependence is formed rapidly due to increased emotionality and physiological characteristics of the body.

Alcohol destroys most families in order to cure a relative or relative with codependency – in Yekaterinburg and the region, the treatment of alcoholism for those suffering from this serious illness is carried out by the Seven Keys Center.

Benefits of visiting the clinic

The specialists of the center will help patients in the most difficult situations, they approach the solution of the problem in a complex way and remove not only the physical craving for alcohol. For patients, in addition to removing intoxication, the center also provides:

  • group or individual sessions with a psychotherapist;
  • motivational interview;
  • 12 step program.

Patients with a long course of rehabilitation are in a comfortable building in an atmosphere of peace and friendly staff.

Among the arguments in favor of choosing the Seven Keys Center for co-dependent people and their families:

  • certified narcologists and psychologists;
  • round-the-clock monitoring of patients in the hospital;
  • the best methods of drug withdrawal from hard drinking;
  • effective rehabilitation programs for patients of the clinic, a minimum likelihood of relapse.

Together with the specialists of the center for alcoholics, people suffering from this serious illness will be able to overcome their addiction and return to a normal sober life and family, change their stereotype of thinking, and partially their health.

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