Importance of the Mediterranean Diet

More than a simple way of eating.- The Mediterranean diet is well known internationally as the expression of the set of typical foods of the aforementioned area. Important for its contribution of nutrients and its low presence of unhealthy fats, the Mediterranean diet is usually recommended for people who must take care of their cholesterol and who must consume natural products.

Like everything else, the Mediterranean diet can become inaccessible in economic terms if the food is of the highest quality or of the famous controlled designation of origin (DOC) which means that they are the original and most respected products on the market. The Mediterranean diet also includes a variety of nutrients that complete the daily needs or recommendations for good health.

Characteristics of the Mediterranean diet

As its name suggests, the Mediterranean diet is the set of foods that are usually consumed and found available in the Mediterranean Sea region , especially in the southern European countries whose beaches are bathed by the waters of said sea. In general terms, the climate and the characteristics of the soils in such an area are similar: temperate to hot climate, dry climate, nourished soils, fishing resources and favorable breezes for certain crops.

In countries like Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Greece and Portugal we find these characteristics, especially in their southernmost regions. The Mediterranean diet includes a wide variety of products that are usually of very good quality and among them we must mention tomatoes, wine, vinegar, peppers, olives, onions, nuts, wheat (from which high-quality baked goods are produced) , oils, fish and cheeses. This then completes an interesting variety of products that take elements from the entire food pyramid and that are largely low in animal fat .

The Mediterranean diet as an economic engine in the region

Beyond all the benefits that the Mediterranean diet can bring to those who consume it, the reality is that it also represents a significant economic engine in the region from various points of view.

On the one hand, it generates significant value in terms of productive economies and gives work to a large number of producers who can be large or small. Thus, the economy of the region depends largely on this type of food.

On the other hand, this diet is internationally famous and therefore attracts an interesting number of European and international tourists who, in addition to seeking a warm climate and beautiful beaches, enjoy the typical gastronomy of these countries where such foods are produced.

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