What is the importance of starch?

Carrying a Balanced Diet is one of the great challenges in this modern life, but the truth is that this can be much easier than we think, focusing that we should not only think about the Quantities of Food, but also to consider the different Types of Food we eat, developing a kind of Nutritional Balance to give our body everything it needs to face the different Daily Activities.

Surely more than one will have attended the consultation with the Nutritionist or Dietologist, who tells us the different portions and calories that we should eat daily, where we will find Lipids and Fats, and surely we will notice the presence of Carbohydrates, which are recommended especially if we carry out a frequent Sports Activity, as it is considered an important energy source for the body.

One of the forms in which it is presented to us is precisely under the Starch, being considered one of the most abundant substances in nature , since it forms the Structures and Bodies of the different plants , being the energy source that they elaborate based on the Soil Nutrients and by performing Photosynthesis with the help of Water and Sunlight.

As far as our body is concerned, Starch is obtained by metabolizing different foods, starting from complex molecules that are made up of various amounts of this substance that are Unfolded and Split to give rise to simple products that can be used by cells. , starting from Glucose or Fructose, among other sugars, for example.

Starch is necessary as the main Energy Source as well as for what is Cellular Nutrition , which allows the development of new cells and the maintenance and functioning of those that are present.

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