What are the importance of breakfast?

Breakfast is one of the four meals of the day in the routine of any human being and unlike what happens with any of the other three meals (lunch, snack and dinner), breakfast is highly recommended by all professionals, nutritionists and doctors for considering it the most important meal of the day in which the person obtains energy and vitamins that will serve him for the rest of the day. In addition, breakfast is extremely important because it is the first intake that the person makes after having been resting for a number of hours when sleeping.

It is considered that the type of breakfast that a person makes will depend on the type of day they have or their sensations , performance, etc. In this sense, it is always recommended to always have breakfast and never skip this meal, in addition to consuming some type of infusion with some combination of foods that can be proteins, fruits, cereals, dairy products, etc. Obviously, breakfast customs vary significantly according to regions and societies, as well as according to the resource possibilities of each area. However, this does not prevent good breakfasts from being eaten everywhere in the world.

The importance of breakfast is central since it is the first contact that the body has with different sources of energy . While other meals are also relevant in helping a person stay in good shape throughout the day, starting with no breakfast or a bad (incomplete) breakfast will directly influence how a person will manage through the day. Today it is common to leave breakfast aside for routine reasons, lack of time, stress, but this only worsens performance and makes it easier for the body to function incorrectly and incompletely.

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