What is the importance of balanced diet?

Having a balanced diet is perhaps one of the most recommended ways to have a healthy life and prevent diseases . Thus, although eating is a vital need, it is interesting that this need is covered with healthy and balanced foods that can provide us with all the necessary nutrients so that our defenses are at 100%.

It is fully proven that a balanced diet is the best tool we have to protect ourselves from many diseases. Thus, coronary diseases or even diabetes can be controlled with a balanced diet . In addition, it is also proven that eating healthy will make us age much better, keeping skin, bones, hair and internal organs much healthier.

There are errors in this of balanced diets. Many believe that by eliminating certain foods such as meat it is possible to stay healthy, the truth is that all nutrients are necessary for our organs to function well. Thus, even if we eat only vegetables, we will not be able to supply our body with animal proteins, which are also necessary for the growth and development of a human being . Thus, having a balanced diet implies eating everything, obviously avoiding all those foods that are harmful to our body due to their processing.

To have a balanced diet it is necessary to look at the Food Pyramid. In this pyramid we can see what kind of food is recommended per week and how often. Normally, the foods that we can consume the most are those rich in vitamins and minerals , although it is also necessary to have a certain caloric intake based on proteins or carbohydrates, for example.

We cannot deny that having a balanced diet will help us control our weight. This can be important from an aesthetic point of view. However, its greatest importance lies in the fact that people who are overweight or obese are more likely to suffer from certain diseases such as those associated with the heart.

The benefits of a balanced diet also go through a better rest, and that is that when we have a healthy diet, we also get to have a healthy rest. Eating heavy and very fatty foods will make us sleep worse at night and wake up worse the next day.

Without a doubt, we have more than enough reasons to understand a balanced diet as an essential factor to be able to enjoy a better quality of life . We will live longer and in much better health than if we ate junk food all the time. Thus, it is important to make the population aware that it is necessary to eat in a balanced and healthy way.

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