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What is personal hygiene and why is it important?

Body hygiene is important…

For physical health :

– The body of adolescents is in full transformation. Hormonal changes begin to take place. These lead to increased sweating and the appearance of new odours. In the case of girls, most of them will already have their period .

– Our skin must remain clean and hydrated, since it is a barrier that protects us from possible infections.

Dust, sweat, as well as heat, are some of the factors that favor the development and multiplication of microorganisms.

For mental health :

– When one is clean and free of unpleasant odors, one feels much more self-confident . This is very important for social relationships.

For aesthetics :

– Good hygiene is essential to maintain a good body image.

Recommendations for body care

1- Eat well , especially fruits and vegetables. Eat three meals a day.

2- Drink plenty of water .

3- Shower every day, washing all parts of the body. They are all equally important. If you do any physical activity, you should shower after it.

  • The scalp tends to produce more oil during adolescence. It is recommended that boys and girls wash their hair with shampoo whenever it is dirty.
  • It is good to wash your face and neck with soap and water, not only to keep it clean, but also to avoid pimples or excess acne .
  • After the shower, dry yourself very well, focusing on the folds and feet.

4- Clean your nails daily and cut them frequently.

5- Use deodorant in the armpits and powder on the feet if they sweat a lot .

6- Both girls and boys should wash their genitals well. It is preferable not to use soap, especially in the case of girls because it destroys the vaginal flora. Better to use a specific soap for the genital area. It is also important to dry very well to combat the appearance of infections.

7- Wear clean and loose clothing. Avoid wearing other people’s underwear and shoes.

8- During adolescence the permanent dentition is completed. The increase in certain hormones and the accumulation of food favor the development of cavities and gum disease.

  • Brush your teeth three times a day, after each meal, and your tongue once a day.
  • Use dental floss to remove the remains of food that remain between the teeth and the molars.
  • Restrict the intake of sweets and soft drinks . The sugar in these favors the production of cavities.
  • No smoking . Nicotine stains teeth and weakens them. (And if you smoke, read: I want to quit smoking; what could I do? )
  • Do not forget regular check-up visits to the dentist.

9- Perform some type of  physical activity , at least three times a week.

10- Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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