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What happens to boys during puberty?

Puberty is a time of change. A series of physical transformations occur, culminating in the change to an adult body and the acquisition of fertility. It is usually between the ages of nine and fourteen, a little later than the girls.

How long will I experience changes?

The age of onset of puberty is variable. It depends on genetic, nutritional and climatic factors. Today, in boys, it is normal for it to start between the ages of nine and fourteen.

Between the onset of the first symptoms and sexual maturity, three to five years usually pass.

Why am I so unbearable?

With the physical changes of puberty, there are other psychological ones, which are called adolescence .

Sometimes it is difficult to love and appreciate the new body that is changing very quickly.

The most complex thing is to find your own identity. You have to learn to make decisions that your parents cannot make for you.

Why does armpit and pubic hair grow?

It is usually the first visible sign of puberty.

Although what marks the beginning is the increase in size of the testicles. These produce hormones that are what cause hair growth.

It appears in the armpits, pubes, face, chest, arms and legs.

Why do I sweat more when doing sports?

Sex hormones also cause sweat glands to develop.

More sweat is produced and its composition changes.

That is why at this stage of life you have to get used to a daily shower.

Why does my voice change?

Why does the larynx develop? The “walnut” in the neck comes out.

The vocal cords must adapt to the new shape of the larynx. This causes “cocks” to occur until the voice changes.

How much more or less does the penis usually grow?

The growth of the penis begins about a year after that of the testicles.

In a first phase it mainly increases its length. Then it also grows thicker.

By age 16 or 17, the genitalia are usually adult size and shape.

Does size matter for pleasure?

At this time of development, sexual desire appears strongly . The body asks to enter into relationship with the other. New sensations are experienced, many of them pleasant.

In the new relationships that are emerging, you have to learn to be respected and value the other . So the pleasure will be greater. The size of the genitals has nothing to do with pleasure.

Why “is it steep”? At what age is it normal to start ejaculating?

The erection occurs because the cavernous bodies of the penis fill with blood and the penis increases in length and thickness. The cause that triggers it can be a sexual emotion, nervousness or even intense physical exercise.

Men usually have erections in the morning.

This process is to some extent reversible. If the stimulus that caused it subsides and you relax, the blood is withdrawn into the blood vessels and the penis becomes flaccid again and descends.

If the stimulus that produces the erection continues and you have reached the end of your puberty, forming sperm, the vas deferens contract and send the semen from the testicle to the penis.

The expulsion of this milky white fluid with sperm and seminal fluid is called ejaculation .

It is normal that in the deepest phase of sleep, you can have erections and ejaculations at night . They can begin around 12-14 years of age and persist for several years. It is important, therefore, to take care of hygiene .

How long will I grow? If I smoke will I continue to grow? Is it good to do muscle exercises?

The pubertal growth spurt in men is later and longer than in women. It usually starts at age 13. The maximum speed is 10 to 12 cm/year, approximately two years after the onset of puberty. The average height gain during puberty is 28 to 30 cm. In general, growth stops four to six years after onset. Weight gain accompanies height gain.

Substances such as alcohol , caffeine and tobacco can alter the absorption of nutrients and vitamins, necessary for growth.

Physical exercise is very important for the development of the body. But weightlifting, competitive weightlifting, and bodybuilding are not recommended for maturing bodies. These types of sports can cause serious injuries to growing bones, muscles and joints.

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