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Which shampoo is best for hair growth and thickness?

Are you using the correct shampoo?

Do you want volume, shine and health? Tips for choosing the right hair shampoo.

Do you have a favorite shampoo? Or every time you go shopping, there is a new product in your cart? According to studies, every second woman uses the wrong shampoo. As a result, the hair becomes sticky or greasy. Especially if you have a sensitive scalp, you need to make sure you use the right hair care product. Finding the right one is often not easy. We have some tips and tricks for your next purchase.

Not all shampoos are the same

To admit: The choice of shampoos for hair is huge. But the decisive factor should not be attractive packaging, low price or pleasant aroma. The following criteria are much more decisive when choosing the right shampoo:


If you have a dry, sensitive or itchy scalp, you should look for gentle shampoos that do not additionally dry or irritate your scalp. Oily scalp or hair should not be weighed down with intensive care.

Hair type

long or short hair, oily roots and dry ends, dyed, blonde, brown, red, curly, straight – the list of hair types is endless! When choosing hair care, pay attention to your hair type. There are shampoos for hair of any length, color and texture.


Silicone-free shampoos, fragrance-free shampoos, vegan and more… you can be picky about the ingredients too!


Nowadays, there is also a wide choice of packaging: traditional shampoo bottle, powder box or cardboard box for soap. Zero waste care products are becoming more and more popular because they are less harmful to the environment, are sustainable and mostly do not use plastic.

2 in 1 products

Washing hair is a time factor for many, so products that include conditioner are often the right choice. Just massage it in once, and you will have easily combed and well-groomed hair that does not require repeated use of the conditioner. But be careful with thin hair! 2-in-1 products often weigh down fine hair even more.

The only way to know if it’s pudding is to eat it.

So which shampoo is best for your hair? The answer is: “The only way to know if it’s a pudding is to eat it.” You can find out for yourself which shampoo will give your hair more shine and volume. Accurate hair analysis and advice from experienced hairdressers help narrow down a large selection. However, you should not devote yourself entirely to this forever: The scalp and hair change over time.

The type of scalp and hair is determined

If you have a normal and balanced scalp, you can relax when buying a shampoo. Now you just have to pay more attention to your hair type: Are you prone to dry, oily or thin hair? Oily hair needs a shampoo that reduces the production of sebum by the scalp. If you have dry hair, you should pay special attention to moisturizing. Or is your hair easy to care for? In this case, a simple universal shampoo is enough.

Purposefully combine care products

Attention: If you have curly hair, for example, but you also dye it, you should take care of both characteristics. That means: shampoo for curly hair, sometimes conditioner for color-treated hair. Here the most important intuition and experience. Get expert advice from hairdressing experts.

Daily hair wash

If you wash your hair every day, use a mild shampoo for normal hair. Special shampoos, for example, for oily or dry hair, can have the opposite effect if used too often. By the way, a small amount of shampoo is enough. Too much shampoo or too hot water will damage the hair.

How to recognize high quality shampoos?

Consistency: The shampoo should be soft and smooth to the touch when it lathers. Too much foam with large bubbles is a sign of excess surfactant.

Combability: You can recognize a quality shampoo if your hair is easy to comb and smooth after washing. In addition, they are easy to install.

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