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How to take care of your feet?

The condition of the feet significantly affects the physical and mental well-being. It even affects mood and how a person feels. A large number of adults suffer from various foot problems. But many of their problems could have been prevented with proper care.

Foot care should be part of everyday life, just like brushing your teeth. Look out for nails, wounds, sores, swelling, bruising, abrasions, and infections. Only after the examination proceed to washing the feet. Prolonged exposure to water will dry out the skin on your feet.

Pay special attention to the spaces between the fingers. Trim your nails if necessary. Lubricate them with a moisturizer or petroleum jelly. However, do not apply the cream between your fingers, as this will encourage mold to form. The nourishing cream is especially suitable for those who suffer from cracked skin. Creams containing aloe vera can also be applied to cracked heels.

After regular daily care, it is recommended to use a foot peel once a week to remove dead skin cells.

It is also not recommended to use nail polish removers with acetone, as they cause thinning of the nail plate and the appearance of ugly tubercles.

Then soak your feet in a warm bath for 10-20 minutes. Be careful not to use too hot water, as you will dry out your skin unnecessarily. Add salt and a little essential oil, such as lavender, to the water. This will help soften the skin on your legs.

Take a pumice stone and gently remove dead skin and calluses. However, be careful, excessive pressure and trimming can lead to cracking of the leather and thinning of the fabric. You will damage healthy tissue.

How to cut your nails correctly?

After such a bath, it will be easier to trim your toenails. Cut nails straight across. Then round off the sharp edges with a file. Push back the cuticle (i.e. the cuticle on the nails) but don’t try to remove it because cutting the cuticle increases the risk of cracking and bleeding of the nail bed, making it easier for fungus and bacteria to get in.

After treating the nails, it’s time to smear the feet with beeswax, which supports their circulation, but you can use the appropriate cosmetic kit designed for foot care. Don’t forget to put cream on your feet. If you are doing a pedicure after a long time, do not try to immediately remove all the dead skin. Divide into 2-3 procedures, i.e. for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Otherwise, you may get hurt.

Prevention of various health problems:

• To prevent various health problems, you need to keep your feet not only clean, but also dry.

• Change your socks more often if your feet sweat a lot.

• Give your feet a daily rest

• Train your legs

• Have at least two shoes to change

• Avoid tight shoes, flip flops and flat shoes

• Don’t wear high heels all day

• Wear only shoes that suit you.

• Wear gel pads if necessary

• Air your shoes

What to do if your feet sweat a lot?

If your feet are sweaty, then you need to change your socks more often than usual. Keep your feet clean and use antibacterial soap to wash. Always dry the space between your fingers thoroughly. Powder your feet before putting on clean socks. The use of an antifungal powder is also suitable. Wear only well-breathable socks (bamboo) containing silver fibers. You can also disinfect them with special products. An old sock that you fill with 3 tablespoons of baking soda can also help you deal with the smell. Soda removes not only unpleasant odors from shoes, but also moisture.

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