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10 Skin commandments you must follow

Rules of Skincare

Skin care tips for every girl.

1. Add water

Any skin care starts with water. If you’re drinking enough fluids during the day, don’t forget your nightly “drink.” Dry skin has a weaker ability to regenerate. What is the best way to moisturize? Look for creams that contain shea butter or, if you’re prone to acne, silicone. Use this cream as part of your regular skin care routine so you don’t block the absorption of other active ingredients.

2. Clear pores

The skin breathes and “cleanses” through them, so dirt and grease often accumulate in them. Find salvation in salicylic acid wash gels that “dissolve” oil and dead skin cells that cause blockages and inflammation. Experts note that during pregnancy it is impossible to use a concentration of salicylic acid above 1%.

3. Feed your face

Avoiding “fatty” foods is long outdated. Today, dermatologists prescribe the consumption of healthy fats, primarily those found in avocados, fish oil, flax … The secret of beauty is linoleic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture. Don’t forget your daily dose of antioxidants – fruits and vegetables, blueberries and carrots are great both on the plate and in cosmetics.

4. Speed ​​up recovery

Over the years, the skin regenerates more slowly, so dead cells remain on the surface, making the complexion dull. For a quick return of radiance, there are preparations based on glycolic acid, which “reveal” your face twice a week. Regular exfoliation is important because it paves the way for nutrients from other facial products.

5. Goodbye smoking, alcohol and sweets

Smoking is bad for health, and therefore bad for appearance. In addition to yellow nails, bad breath and dark teeth, cigarettes weaken the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, leading to wrinkles and enlarged pores with a general impression of neglected skin. Alcohol is no exception. Wine can be good for the heart, but think about how much such a glass is worth to you. Alcohol accelerates the “relaxation” of the skin over time. Forget sugar: Sugar is supposed to block the ability to repair damaged collagen.

6. Don’t Forget About External Influences

The sun, polluted air and other negative external factors destroy precious collagen and leave a mark on the skin. Creams containing idebenone (EA cosmetics) and coffee bean ingredients are the strongest defense against this daily attack. Also, do not neglect coenzyme Q10 in cosmetics.

7. Rely on Retinol

The only ingredient that has been proven to work and remove finer lines with long-term use is retinol. You will find it in different creams and concentrations, and the rule of thumb is to avoid the sun when applying.

8. Do you ignore your eyes?

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and therefore the first to age. Every time you take your face for granted, remember the thin threads under your eyes that silently crack and lead to puffiness and dark circles.

9. Even out the complexion

While you are concerned about the first (or new) wrinkles, pay attention to the uniformity of the complexion, because this is what reveals the first problems. Mild hyperpigmentation can be “fixed” with 2% hydroquinone, a slightly more pronounced spot with 4% for a month. Keep in mind that all the expensive chemicals in this world won’t help if you continue to recklessly sunbathe without proper protection.

10. And finally – protection!

If you really want a beautiful complexion, forget about protection with an SPF below 30. Apply the amount that fits in a teaspoon to your face and the equivalent of a glass of cognac on your body. Don’t forget to reapply your coverage throughout the day, such as when you get home from work. If you are in the “field” and under ideal conditions you should apply a protective factor every two hours.

11. Always Wear SPF

Whether you’re hanging out in direct daylight, scooping snow or sitting in rush hour gridlock on your regularly scheduled drive, wearing sunscreen is a vital stage in all skincare schedules. Unprotected sun openness can prompt untimely indications of skin maturing (read: almost negligible differences, kinks and dim spots) or more awful: skin diseases. Thus, make certain to apply and reapply frequently. Find your ideal sunscreen match here.

12. Moisturize from Head to Toe

Saturating and sunscreen are the two brilliant guidelines of skincare — which is the reason they’re at the first spot on our list. Whether you have dry skin, sleek skin, maturing skin, etc, never take off from the house without applying cream to your face, or to your whole body. Continuously apply the cream in the wake of purifying to assist with securing in hydration and reestablish any dampness that might have been stripped away with your face wash or during your shower. Go after lotions that are planned for your particular skin type as the main priority so you can capitalize on them.

13. Don’t Pick 

On the off chance that you spot a pimple or a zit, try not to pick your skin no matter what. Not exclusively can popping a pimple make the obstructed pore become more bothered and excited, however, it can likewise spread the microbes from an expressed pimple to different regions of your face — which might bring about additional breakouts.

Fight the temptation and apply a skin spot treatment (we love the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Spot Treatment) to the pained region while you sit tight for it to disappear. In the event that you totally should address a pimple immediately, talk with your dermatologist prior to going close to it.

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