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What happens during puberty for girls?

The human body never stops changing. Puberty is an important time because your body goes through changes that turn you from a girl to a woman. And the ability to have children is reached. In girls it is usually between 8 and 13 years old. The most striking thing is having the first period or menarche .

Why does the period occur? What is the use of having it?

During each menstrual cycle the hormones go to work. The menstrual cycle goes from the first day of the rule until the day before the next.

What happens is that the innermost layer of the uterus gets bigger. This would be for the fetus to develop if you get pregnant.

Towards the middle of the cycle the ovum is expelled. If it is not fertilized by the sperm, the egg disappears in the fallopian tube. The rule or menstruation is when the layers of the surface of the uterus are expelled through the vagina.

Does the first period hurt? Why do the ovaries and breasts hurt so much when the period comes down?

The first time you have your period you may have pain . It can also be in the following rules. Especially the first days. The cause is because the uterus produces substances called prostaglandins.

In the chest you can also have discomfort. Note the days before the period a little pain. This is part of premenstrual syndrome. This is because hormones “prepare” the body for a possible pregnancy.

But for the pain, take medicine like ibuprofen . Ask your doctor or pediatrician if you have a lot of pain and it doesn’t go away.

Why are the rules at the beginning irregular? Can I get pregnant?

The first years it is normal that the periods are irregular. They are usually cycles where there is no ovulation. If there is no egg, there is no possibility of becoming pregnant. But this is very difficult to know. You can get pregnant even if you haven’t had your first period because first there is an ovulation that we don’t know how to predict when it will happen.

If a girl does a lot of physical exercise, can her period disappear?

If you exercise a lot and don’t eat enough, the brain stops sending orders for the eggs to mature. It’s because the brain runs out of energy. There is no rule. There can be no pregnancies.

We see this in girls who have anorexia or who play high-performance sports.

Why do I see discharge in my underwear or when wiping in the bathroom?

The vagina has a liquid inside so that there is moisture and thus infections are avoided. This liquid is colorless or somewhat white. It doesn’t smell like anything.

When you clean your genitals you see the discharge that comes out of the vagina. There is also some discharge from the cervix.

When the time of ovulation arrives, the mucus becomes more elastic. As if it were egg white. This is seen for a few days around ovulation. Both before and after.

Will I gain weight or lose weight as I grow?

During puberty you grow and gain weight. In the girl increases the fat of the whole body. In the guy gains muscle. This is normal.

That’s why it’s normal to have to wear one size up.

It is also normal for the hips to widen. This is done by nature so that if there is a pregnancy the fetus has enough room.

Can I keep growing?

In girls, the growth spurt occurs before having the first period. Then it continues to grow a little more.

Is it normal for me to get stretch marks on my breasts? Up to what age do they grow?

It is normal for stretch marks to appear on the breasts. Because the development is very fast. Stretch marks show through thin skin because the elastic fibers are damaged.

Stretch marks can be prevented. You should take care of yourself by putting creams that moisturize and nourish the skin. Better if they carry vitamin A. Use the cream with circular massages. Also sunbathe carefully. If you already have a well-shaped chest, wear a bra.

Some girls want to hide that they already have breasts and adopt a stooped posture. It is normal to feel embarrassed if you are the first in the class to develop. You can do exercises that strengthen your back.

Can I use tampons?

Tampons can be used from the first period. They are comfortable. Especially for when you play sports or go to the pool.

The tampon cannot be lost inside the body. The opening of the uterus that communicates with the vagina is very narrow. The tampon cannot be squeezed in.

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