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Pros and cons of ultrasonic teeth cleaning

There is plaque on the teeth, which is difficult to get rid of. It is impossible to do this at home. Ultrasonic cleaning solves this problem.

The essence of the technique

Plaque appears due to:

  • malnutrition,
  • having bad habits
  • abuse of coffee and tea.

Mechanical methods are not always effective. Chemical technologies adversely affect enamel. An alternative is ultrasonic cleaning. This is a safe way to get rid of stone and plaque. It also eliminates pigmentation.

To give teeth a snow-white radiance, dentists use a scaler. Ultrasonic produces active ultrasonic waves. They get on the tooth enamel, eliminating plaque. The dentist for each patient chooses the diagonal, depth, frequency of the waves. Enamel is minimally affected. The tissues stay healthy.

The peculiarity of the procedure is its absolutely painlessness. In some cases, local anesthesia is used. This is necessary if the procedure is needed under the gums. It takes less than an hour to clean up.

The person feels that her teeth are flawlessly smooth and clean. The surface of the teeth is polished, and the breath is fresh.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a therapeutic and prophylactic technique. It is often necessary for fixing fillings, restoring individual elements. Ultrasound cleaning is an ideal prevention of caries.

Improves susceptibility to silvering, fluoridation and filling. In addition, the adhesion of materials is significantly increased. Easier to prevent caries.

Innovative ultrasonic cleaning technology

For a detailed analysis of the concept, it is important to take into account the procedures that are included in cleaning. With the help of a scaler, teeth are cleaned from:

  • pigment particles,
  • stone,
  • caries.

The technology is truly revolutionary. It allows you to remove plaque and lime deposits. Anesthesia is not used at this stage.

An effective complex is the use of sodium bicarbonate, salt, cool air and water. This enters the oral cavity under pressure. With a dental tip, the doctor works where the stone and plaque are deposited. Subgingival areas and pockets are also treated.

Cons of ultrasonic cleaning

Like other medical procedures, ultrasonic cleaning has several disadvantages. The procedure is not recommended for increased tooth sensitivity. Unpleasant sensations occur in advanced cases. The doctor may use local anesthesia.

The procedure is not recommended for people who are allergic to soda, salt, anesthetic, polishing compounds and fluoride pastes.

The technique is not used for diseases:

  • hearts,
  • vessels,
  • respiratory organs.

Special care is required if the patient has fixed dentures, implants or braces.

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