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Proper care for oily hair

Oily scalp treatment at home

Does your hair resist regular shampooing and gets rough again after a while, or sometimes you just don’t have time to wash your hair? What can be done for oily hair? We have tips and tricks!

Causes of oily hair

The scalp does an important job: it provides us with beautiful and shiny hair by producing sebum. Sometimes she goes a little overboard and turns the shine and smoothness into oily roots.

The causes of increased sebum production are diverse and very individual: hormonal fluctuations, stress, improper care, too frequent washing, diet or predisposition. What can we do to rebalance the scalp and get rid of oily scalp? We have a solution: let’s give your hair a well-groomed rest!

Oily hair: shampoo and care

Many products for oily hair dry out the scalp. You may be thinking, “Yes, this is exactly what I want! Unfortunately, then the opposite happens – the scalp reacts to stress and produces even more sebum. The key to long-term relief is gentle treatments that absorb excess oil while soothing and refreshing the scalp. Ingredients such as mint, lemon, and nettle are especially beneficial as they regulate the natural production of sebum and can delay the re-degreasing of the scalp.

But how often should oily hair be washed? The answer here is obvious: not too often! Give your scalp a rest and try not to wash your hair every day.

Tips for caring for oily hair

Tip 1: Clean Your Hair Styling Tools Regularly

Just like makeup brushes, our hair styling tools also need regular cleaning. Styling residues and the like not only damage our hair but also make it greasy. Therefore, brushes and combs should be washed with clean water after each use. Style queens who frequently use straighteners and curling irons should clean them weekly with a microfiber cloth or wet wipes. If you do curls, beach waves, and the like only occasionally, you can clean your styling products every two to four weeks.

Tip 2: Variety of hairstyles? Yes please!

Changing the parting can do wonders: Not only does it give you a whole new look, but it also hides oily hair quickly and easily. No one will notice that your hair really needs a shampoo. A medium parting is quite unfavorable for days with oily roots, as it lacks fresh volume. Some of our favorite hairstyles for quickly greasy hair are the classic ponytail, the cool boxer braids or the elegant chignon. If you want to be on the safe side, just tuck your hairline under a nice headband.

Tip 3: The right temperature for washing and styling

Did you know that heat promotes sebum production? Therefore, too high temperatures should be avoided when washing and drying hair. It is best to wash your hair with warm water. Too hot blow-drying is also not recommended. For everyone who finds it difficult to do without a hair dryer, we have put together three small tips.

Instead of terry cloth, use a cotton towel as it absorbs moisture from the hair better.
Leave your hair loose and continue to knead it in between.
This tip will wake you up at the same time: shake your hair like a rock star, it will loosen it and help it dry faster.

Tip 4: Dry shampoo as a little hair saver

Dry shampoo is our favorite alternative to daily hair washing. It absorbs sebum and thus gives the hair a fresh look. Mini dry shampoo also fits in any purse. A word of advice: often we already know in the evening that we won’t have much time to wash our hair the next morning. In such cases, you can take advantage of this and apply dry shampoo at night. Yes, you read that right: Just spray it on your hairline before going to bed and rub it in with a towel. Comb your hair the next morning.

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