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Menstruation hygiene days

Menarche or the first period is the culmination of puberty and is due to the increase in hormones.

It usually happens between the ages of 11 and 15. Approximately two and a half years after starting to develop the chest.

It is the transition from girl to woman.

The attitude of the parents is fundamental to avoid the anguish and insecurity that their daughter may suffer.

Parents should talk about what it is and what it is for. They must ensure that they live the days of period without limitations in their daily life.

They should get used to writing down the days, the intensity of the spotting and the duration on a calendar.

Hygiene on menstruation days

Girls should know that bad odors are produced with menstruation and that the genital area is often irritated. This can cause infections.

One of the most important things is to have proper genital hygiene. They must learn how to do it and what products there are.

They should wash at least once a day, but during the period they should do it more times.

What products do you have?

– Sanitary towels (pads) : these are absorbent pads that are attached to underwear with an adhesive. Use those that do not have perfumes or additives.

Change them every 4 or 6 hours, even if they are not very wet.

There is much variety.

For light bleeding days, use small, thin daily pads.

For the days in between, use moderate-flow pads, which absorb a lot of discharge.

– Tampons : they are cotton cylinders that absorb blood inside the vagina.

You have to wash your hands before and after putting them on. Change them every 4 or 6 hours.

It is recommended to use them only when you go to practice sports. Do not use them routinely or to sleep.

– Intimate hygiene soaps: use specific soaps or gels for the genital area, which do not modify the vaginal pH, as this can promote infections. Douching is not recommended.

– Wet wipes : they are used to clean the genital area after changing the sanitary pad or tampon.

Always carry sanitary towels or tampons in your bag, sometimes the period appears sooner than you expect.

Check with your doctor when …

– There are signs of infection, such as a bad smell or itching.

– When the rule is extensive , both in days and in quantity. Normally, it lasts between three and five days and you use three to five pads or tampons a day.

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