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How to avoid quick discharge of sperm?

Why do you sometimes ejaculate without realizing it? Can it be avoided? It’s something bad? On what occasions does it happen? Can it occur throughout life? Men often wonder about it. (Read: Boy things ) Next, we will try to clarify these doubts.

What is involuntary ejaculation?

It is the one that occurs without control or consciousness of the male. The most common are nocturnal emissions, which occur during sleep.

When it occurs?

Involuntary ejaculations begin at puberty and can occur throughout the life cycle. They may or may not be accompanied by dreams of erotic content. From the time the first ejaculations occur, the ability to fertilize the woman’s ovum is also acquired. Although at first the number of sperm is not enough to do it.

Why does it occur?

Spontaneous ejaculations aim to renew the man’s semen. Therefore, they tend to be more frequent in men who do not ejaculate in other ways. That is, in those who do not masturbate or do not have sexual relations frequently. The accumulation of sperm in the testicles makes it necessary to renew the semen. This is achieved through the physiological mechanism of ejaculation .

How to react?

Before the first involuntary ejaculations, the adolescent may react strangely. The act of waking up in the morning and looking at wet sheets or underwear or with traces of dried semen, can make them feel embarrassed. For this reason, it is important that parents explain to their children what happened. They have to know that it is a natural process. They must transmit calm and security to their children. First of all, do not establish an association of ejaculation with something negative.

However, in this case as in all, there is no reason not to explain these same things to the daughters. The goal should always be to get to know each other and also get to know the other sex.

Can they be avoided?

It doesn’t make much sense to consider avoiding them. They are completely normal and a physiological process. Although we know that relaxation and diet influence.

Can there be ejaculation without an erection?

As weird as it may sound, the answer is yes . Different studies have shown that ejaculation can occur without an erection, and vice versa. Thus, the stimulation of the most sensitive areas of the penis can make a man ejaculate, even if the erection does not exist or does so partially. The rigidity of the penis is not essential for ejaculation .

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