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Effective and best homemade face mask for acne and scars

Effective Acne Masks

Any trouble is temporary. And acne is no exception. Do not worry if you do not have the opportunity to visit an expensive salon. Even professionals in the field of cosmetology believe that homemade acne masks are as effective as cosmetic procedures.

And sometimes the results are even more pleasing. But to find the tool that is right for you, you have to experiment. In a minute you will learn several effective recipes for acne masks and traces after them. However, in this delicate problem there is an important rule – prevention. Acne masks should be done regularly so that rashes do not have time to appear. And if there are already open inflammations and suppurations on the face, then you need to contact a dermatologist.

Remember, we apply masks on clean skin, then rinse with warm water. The obligatory last step is moisturizing with a fat-free cream. Keep in mind that pimples are much more likely to appear on skin that is devoid of moisture.

Acne mask recipes

Soda mask

Perfectly dries and cleanses problem skin with a soda mask. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a tablespoon of cleanser or liquid soap. Stir. It is better to steam the face before application. Gently apply the mixture with a cotton pad, do not rub. Hold for 5-10 minutes. This procedure prevents the appearance of acne, you need to resort to it regularly 2 times a week.

Clay masks

For small breakouts, a clay mask is ideal. You can find it in a pharmacy or cosmetic store. It has an antibacterial effect, dries, promotes the healing of acne. You will need two tablespoons of white clay and milk. Mix and apply for 20-15 minutes on the face. Also, with rashes, you can use pink clay. Dilute it with a decoction of calendula (it relieves inflammation) and add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to the mask – this powerful antiseptic is famous for its effect on acne. Oil can be pointwisely lubricated with inflamed areas every day, they will heal much faster.

Clay masks should be applied to steamed skin and kept until completely dry for about 30 minutes, while it is better to lie down. Apply regularly once a week.

Egg masks for acne

Egg masks are also a good prevention of acne. They should be used after the active inflammatory period has passed. This one is also suitable for those who have dry or normal skin: mix a raw egg yolk with two tablespoons of honey and olive oil. Hold for 20 minutes. For oily skin, beat raw egg white with a few drops of lemon juice. Leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes. This mask helps both acne and marks after them. The mask of boiled yolk dries the rashes, and also relieves wounds and pits that remain after acne. Grind the boiled yolk together with fermented baked milk, yogurt or kefir. Apply for 20 minutes. But use only fresh dairy products so as not to provoke the spread of an additional infection on the face.

Yeast mask

A yeast mask is great for soothing oily skin. Dilute 1 tablespoon of baker’s yeast with the same amount of water, after five minutes add a tablespoon of yogurt and a teaspoon of soda. Apply to face for 15 minutes. Oatmeal mask. An oatmeal mask for acne and rashes is no less effective. Three tablespoons of oatmeal (whole or ground in a coffee grinder) pour six tablespoons of boiling water. After ten minutes, apply a thick layer on the skin and hold for 15-20 minutes.

Recipes for traces after acne

Sadly, acne marks are just as frustrating as acne and rashes themselves. The following recipes will help you here: A mixture of three tablespoons of honey and a spoonful of lemon juice will soothe irritated skin. After 15 minutes, the skin will look fresh. A green clay mask will help remove red spots. To half a tablespoon of clay powder, add a couple of drops of rosemary essential oil and a little water. Apply gruel on problem areas for 10-15 minutes. Whiten and smooth the following recipe: mix a spoonful of sour cream, honey and lemon juice, hold for 10 minutes. Instead of lemon, you can add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Rub the tomato pulp with a spoonful of starch and leave it on the skin for a quarter of an hour. An equally effective remedy is cucumber. You can wipe the face with pieces or apply the grated mass as a mask.

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