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What is dysmenorrhea? Important information

What is dysmenorrhea?

  • It is the pain of the period.
  • The pain is felt in the lower abdomen, lower back, and in front of the thighs.
  • It usually starts 6 to 12 months after  the first period .

What is noticeable besides the pain?

Almost half of the girls also associate:

– nausea and vomiting – fatigue

– nervousness – dizziness

– diarrhea – headache

Because it hurts?

Due to several factors:

  • Because during the period increase some substances in the uterus. They are the prostaglandins. They cause contractions in the uterus and vasoconstriction. This produces pain.
  • Due to the blood that comes out, the cervix is ​​opened.
  • A small amount of blood may fall into the abdomen through the tubes.
  • Psychological factors: suggestion, social taboos…
  • There are few cases in which period pain is due to an illness. It is secondary dysmenorrhea.

Is it frequent?

Nearly half of teenage girls have it. Some more and some less.

Is it necessary to consult with the gynecologist?

Needless. You should go to the gynecologist if the symptoms are not typical. Or if they have sex. Also if the pain is very intense and does not go well with the usual medicines.

Is it necessary to consult with the doctor / pediatrician?

It is good that you discuss it with your doctor or pediatrician . So assess how you have the period , if you have relationships , how it affects you in your daily life. He will see if there may be other causes and tell you what the best treatment is.

What is your treatment?

  • Put heat on the abdomen.
  • Get some light exercise.
  • Pain relievers such as  ibuprofen or naproxen may be used .
  • It is better to start the day before the period or the first day of the period. They are taken while in pain. Especially the 1st and 2nd day.
  • Stay calm and don’t lose your cool.

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