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Beauty flows from within – 4 rules for healthy, glowing skin

In our daily rush, we often forget that our skin needs not only to be cared for from the outside – through masks, creams, balms, or even regular visits to the beauty salon – but also from the inside, through a diet supplemented with supplements and appropriate habits, which are equally important. How to comprehensively care for the skin so that we can enjoy firmness, smoothness and a radiant look? Just follow 4 basic rules to improve your mood and the appearance of your skin in just a few weeks.

Beautiful, radiant and healthy skin is the result of a healthy lifestyle. I’m talking primarily about valuable nutrition, complemented by supplements that provide the right amount of fluid, physical activity and optimal sleep. Only complex actions that combine a healthy lifestyle and regular care will achieve clear results.

There are many cosmetics available on the market, but even the most expensive and best creams fail to reach the main source of problems such as wrinkles, irritation, redness or dryness. Cosmetics applied locally primarily affect the outer layer of the skin, that is, the epidermis. The effects of the action on the dermis, if any, can only be seen after several months of regular use.

To improve the appearance of the skin, it is worth applying 4 principles that make up a healthy lifestyle:

– regular exercise – the most important thing is to find physical activity according to your preferences, we do not need to go to the gym if you do not like it, regular, vigorous walks, cycling or swimming are enough;

– a glass of water with a lemon – the human body consists mainly of water. Drinking a lot of tea and coffee during the day can lead to its deficiency, as well as flush valuable trace elements from the body, so you should regularly drink water with a little lemon;

– sleep the optimal number of hours – nothing works so well for the body as giving him the right dose of sleep, so do not sleep too much and take care of at least 7 hours of nightly rest per night;

– the right diet, which is supplemented with supplements – a healthy, balanced diet is the basis for caring for an ideal condition and beautiful appearance, but even the best may not provide us with all the necessary substances, so it is worth combining it with supplements, especially with preparations rich in omega- fatty acids.

Necessary ingredients for maintaining healthy skin are essential omega fatty acids (EFA), which include by acting on the correct structure of lipid membranes, they contribute to the attractive appearance of the skin. Many dermatological problems are signs of a deficiency of these acids. Too little omega-acids in the diet can contribute to the flaking of the epidermis, the formation of acne, inflammation, or accelerate the processes associated with the formation of wrinkles.

Regular use of omega acids in the correct proportion and dose, even in the form of primrose oil or borage, leads to the regeneration of the epidermis, reducing dryness and increasing skin elasticity.

The solution that can improve our skin and overall health can be properly chosen and formulated from nutritional supplements. Their use affects not only skin hydration, which is the fastest and most noticeable effect, but also prevents excessive water loss through the epidermis.

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