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Intermittent fasting benefits and harms

Intermittent fasting is a very effective way to reduce excess weight. Literally in a week, a person’s weight will decrease by 2-4 kg, losing weight becomes more attractive and begins to enjoy life. And excess weight will forget the way to the stomach and cheeks for 2-4 months.

How is this possible?

It’s simple: this diet is low-calorie, that is, you create a calorie deficit by taking less food and spending more energy.

There are several types of fasting:

18/6 – You fast for 18 hours, and in the 6 hour window you eat. This method is effective and at the same time softer than the following. In a week you will lose about 1 kg.

20/4 is a tougher and faster way, everything is the same: fasting for 20 hours, taking 4. In this case, weight loss will be 1.5-2 kg per week.

23/1 is the toughest and most effective method, weight loss is 2-4 kg per week, but be prepared for weakness and fatigue.

What can you eat and what not?

Here opinions differ. Some believe that you can eat anything and in any quantity, others – that you should limit yourself to sweets and fast carbohydrates, stick to low-calorie content.

Personally, I think that it is better to eat healthy food in small quantities and completely cut fast carbohydrates, because if a person eats anything, then there will be a lot of stress on the body, the stomach will expand, and such a diet will only harm you, although many say that this cannot happen.

I stick to a ratio of 23 to 1, excluded sugar, rolls and everything harmful from the diet, I do one small meal. In a month I lost 10 kg, began to feel like a man.

What to do if you really want something harmful?

Arrange yourself a cheat mil or cheat day – a day during which you can eat anything and in any quantity. It can be a kind of stimulus during the week of training and dieting, you can console yourself with the anticipation of a whole day of goodies. It also makes a boost in metabolism, speeds it up, which helps to lose weight even more. Cheat Day can only be held once a week!

How to go out so as not to get better even more?

With this diet, you need to go out carefully, gradually adding foods to the diet and increasing the time of eating. The most important thing is not to break loose, otherwise the whole work will come to an end. But if you manage to get out of the diet correctly, then for at least 3 months you will not be bothered by excess weight when using even the most high-calorie foods, of course, wisely.

Is intermittent fasting dangerous for health?

There are no deaths from P.G. in the world yet.

Can an ulcer appear?

In this case, it all depends on your health, if you have stomach diseases, then it’s better not to starve, but to look in the direction of counting calories, I feel great in 2 months, there are no stomach problems.

During such a diet, you will feel tired, weak, and possibly dizzy during heavy exertion. Bad breath may also appear, due to the fact that for a long time the stomach is empty and the smell of food does not interrupt the smell of gastric juice.

But all this should pass within the first week, if not, then you should abandon this way of eating.

Do you need to exercise?

This is not necessary if you eat low-calorie foods, you will lose weight regardless of physical activity, but in addition to fasting, I do cardio and strength exercises to be more effective.


Intermittent fasting is a very useful thing, it starts the metabolism, restores the skin and gives youth, and most importantly, you lose excess weight very quickly, and this is good news.


Intermittent fasting is a very effective way to lose weight and become an attractive and healthy person. This power scheme does not require costs, but on the contrary, it saves money.

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