Best skin care regimen for 30 year olds

Skin Care Over 30 Years Old

“Wow, you have great skin, how do you do that?” is a compliment that women love to accept with gratitude and a mischievous smile. If you too like to hear these words more often and would like to answer them with real beauty secrets, then you will definitely love the following beauty tips.

Transition cosmetics: what happens to the skin after 30 years?

Long parties give way to cozy evenings, you focus on family, career, loved ones, on yourself – in short, from the age of 30, life becomes a little more comfortable, and you realize that you are no longer 20. Our skin is also a little easier to renew cells, structure collagen begins to weaken a little, ceramides decrease, and youthful freshness gives way to (barely) the first wrinkles.

Healthy eating, the fight against aging and the need to consciously take care of your body are increasingly coming to the fore – and that’s good. Support your body – especially your skin – with the right cosmetics and take time for yourself.

Anti-aging: Natural make-up using the most popular beauty products from 30 and beyond

Radiant complexion – wrinkle-free, soft and elastic at the same time. Skin in your 30s is exactly the way you want it to be. Small flaws in the lifestyle can still be easily compensated for with cosmetics, and at the same time start the fight against aging. Our skin wants to be even more intensively protected from free radicals, enriched with moisture and supplied with valuable nutrients. The goal is to maintain elasticity, improve firmness and prevent wrinkles.

A rich face cream with SPF and a nourishing eye cream, the foundation for perfect makeup and a radiant complexion. Complete your skincare routine with a serum, nourishing mask or soothing intensive treatment. Substances such as hyaluronic acid and urea help the skin retain moisture, while vitamin A, retinol or vitamin C counteract the aging process. Weekly exfoliation also improves skin condition. Old skin scales and impurities are removed, blood circulation improves and skin renewal is stimulated.

Proper makeup application: how to use serum, foundation, powder, etc.

For natural beautiful daytime makeup, it is important not only to have the right cosmetics, but also to know how to apply makeup correctly. The basis for this is a rich moisturizing cream, which can be supplemented with a nourishing serum. Do not forget to apply the cream on the neck and décolleté and leave for five minutes.

Shadows and redness are best hidden with concealer in shades of yellow and green. Yellow neutralizes shadows, green obviously removes redness. In the next step, you can use a primer to create an optimal skin-to-makeup bond, reduce enlarged pores, and even out minor imperfections before applying foundation.

It is important here that the foundation is well massaged into the skin. Apply your makeup in daylight whenever possible and always work from the inside out to avoid unsightly lines around your hairline or brows. If your skin looks very natural, that’s right. For a matte, even, long-lasting finish, apply powder to areas that still shine.

Important: Powder and powder cosmetics are a taboo topic, especially around the eyes. Powder can settle in fine wrinkles and lead to an ugly result. Therefore, our recommendation: from the age of 30, rely more on light, creamy and liquid concealers and cosmetics.

Lipstick & co: the perfect complement to natural makeup

Use bronzer or blush to add subtle highlights and enhance your face shape. However, remember: less is more. If you want to consciously draw attention away from the first wrinkles and bring more freshness to your radiance, highlight the area around the eyes and lips instead.

By the way, a bold lipstick in your favorite color is our absolute must-have beauty product for women over 30. On days when the night has not yet come, it adds radiance to the face and distracts from tired eyes. Even if you don’t have the right blush on hand, lipstick is your salvation. Just apply a little lipstick on the cheekbones and spread the color in a circle with your fingers.

Skin balm

Undoubtedly, everyday life can get to you from time to time, and you forget to take time for yourself. Therefore, we would like to invite you to take a seat with us and let yourself be pampered. Use this little time-out to fully focus on yourself and, together with our experts, select cosmetics that suit your needs.

If Your Level Is … Beginner

The less-is-more approach might very well be more than enough, especially if you don’t get breakouts, your skin isn’t prone to irritation or dark spots, and you’re not seeing (or interested in treating) fine lines. “A simple routine is all you need, but you should still be thinking about prevention strategies in this situation,” says Chapas. The following three products should set you up with all the right moisture and protection.

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