What are examples of self care?

It is important to know that certain healthy habits must be carried out on your own initiative , such as a group of guidelines aimed at physical and mental well-being, for example, good nutrition, physical exercise and promoting positive thinking. All of them are known to be manifestations of self-care and they act in this way as they are a survival instinct to protect themselves and preserve their own lives.

No matter what stage of life one is in, there is one fundamental thing and that is self-care, that is, caring for and cultivating oneself in an integral sense, focusing above all on the soul and the knowledge of the self.

Below we present different examples of self-care to obtain more information about this concept of special relevance.


Exercising is one of the most important things, so it is necessary to follow a daily routine in which the body is taken care of in order to obtain good health and physical condition. The ideal is to perform aerobic exercises (running, swimming or cycling) and anaerobic exercises (lifting weights or abdominals).

Eat properly

Adopting a balanced and varied diet according to the needs of each person is essential in self-care. It is also essential to point out what is recommended to eat to avoid certain health problems . For this, it is best to consult a nutritionist, although there are 2 points that must always be met.

  • Consumption of real foods and discard the processed ones.
  • Planning meals and dinners for the week.

Right to rest

Article 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 informs that “Everyone has the right to rest, to enjoy free time, to a reasonable limitation of the duration of work and to regular paid vacations”.

Therefore, it is essential to guarantee a rest period that is effective when spending part of the day working, studying or taking care of certain people. This makes it possible to recover the necessary vitality for the body, in addition to performing in daily life .

Do meditation

Meditation should be done about 15 minutes a day and requires 5 premises:

  • Attention: being able to focus on what is required.
  • Patience: “the cure” is done at the pace that is needed.
  • Listen: know how to recognize the needs of each one.
  • Empathy: treating yourself as someone you trust.
  • Compassion: relieve mental, emotional or bodily suffering.

Control medications

Not self-medicating and knowing the side effects of medications is part of self-care.

Controlling the intake of medications is essential, so those prescribed by the doctor should be taken , otherwise each person can alter and deteriorate their body.

Stay hydrated

Finally, another example of self-care is hydration, which is especially important not only in summer but 365 days a year . Therefore, drinking enough drinking water effectively and safely keeps the body in excellent condition.

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