What is the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian? Well explained

Meats are foods recommended by nutritionists to have a balanced diet. Despite this, many people limit their consumption for health reasons, excluding them completely.

What is a vegan?

They are people whose diet implies not eating any type of food that is of animal origin, rejecting foods such as eggs, honey, milk, fish, among others, and only consume foods such as vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Generally, a person who decides to follow this diet has a respect for the life of animals, however, he is not opposed to the death of these for consumption and obtaining food.

The acquisition of food for a vegan is more complicated, because several products are composed of elements of animal origin. In order to carry out this diet fully, the vegan person would have to have extensive knowledge on the subject. Some components may be carminic acid from insects, casein which is a protein extracted from milk.

What is a vegetarian?

It refers to a person who has a diet in which the consumption of meat and fish is eliminated, opting for the consumption of vegetables such as legumes, seeds, vegetables and plants.

In the same way, a vegetarian is not limited to the consumption of vegetables, so he can consume dairy products such as yogurt, butter and cheese, as well as foods extracted from animals such as honey, eggs, etc.

People often become vegetarians out of respect for animal life, they also choose to do so for reasons of health, religion or because their cultures encourage them.

 What is better vegan or vegetarian? In today’s society, VEGETARIAN and VEGAN enjoy great sympathy. More and more people are showing a predilection for this type of diet, in which the intake of animal meat is suppressed due to moral conviction or for health reasons. But what is it to be vegetarian and vegan? Is it really beneficial for health or…?

The strict vegetarian diet consists of a diet in which all products of animal origin are excluded. However, there are several types of vegetarianism in which the intake of milk, its derivatives and eggs is allowed. Could you adapt to this lifestyle?

Difference between vegan and vegetarian

  • A vegan is based on respect for animals as a philosophy of life, while a vegetarian respects animal life by avoiding the consumption of meat.
  • A vegan does not consume any food from animals, so much so that a vegetarian excludes only meat.
  • A vegan develops a rejection of animal abuse, while the majority who become vegetarians do so for health reasons.
  • The vegan diet is much stricter than the vegetarian one, in which supplements must be consumed to cover the vitamin deficit.

There are people who by their own decision stop consuming them, either because of ideologies or because they want to have a good diet, this is where we get to know vegans and vegetarians, some being stricter than others.

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