What is the Difference Between Rural and Urban? Well explained

Do you know if where you live is a rural or urban area? How to know? Today we make the comparison between both terms and tell you their main differences.

The areas where the human being resides are classified following certain parameters, in fact, depending on where you live, this is the reference used to give you a certain qualification. Two types of residence areas are known in each country: rural and urban .

An urban area is characterized by having a large amount of population density and human diversity, when compared to a rural area. Specifically, a large town or city is considered an urban area.

From an economic point of view it has been shown that urban areas are more developed . Some metropolitan cities, which are satellites, are considered urban sites.

It is also worth mentioning that urban areas have a higher degree of pollution (wind and noise) due to the accelerated lifestyle and industrialization. Both factors are associated with the fact that people who live in cities have more stress.

Pollution in urban areas is due to several factors such as: factories, trains, buses, cars, people living in confined spaces, among others. It should be mentioned that although industrialization is responsible for the above evils, it is also responsible for the fact that urban areas have a high rate of employment compared to rural areas.

Lifestyle in the urban area has a fast pace, that is, few people enjoy the details offered by nature or other attractions. People who live in these places are considered to be addicted to work and an active social life.

Urbanization presents a greater number of advances in science and technology. In these areas you can see better prepared hospitals, more qualified universities, faster and more modern means of transportation, among other areas that go hand in hand with technological advances.

What is rural?

Unlike the urban area, a rural area has wide space and the communities of people are smaller. It is common for people who live in small communities to know each other, some small towns or places are considered rural.

rural area will always have small groups of people who survive largely by ranching and farming. That is why many people who live in this environment consider themselves farmers or farmers.

A rural area will always be more dependent on natural resources and renewable organic materials. In some cases you can find small stores and small businesses, which, as it should be noted, is the opposite of what is seen in urban areas.

In rural areas the environment is cared for better than in cities. The pace of life is more relaxed. People hold meetings with the entire community or at least a large part of the community since they have known each other forever.

One of the disadvantages of the rural area is that they have less advances in technology, science and economy than in the city. Although it must be made clear that this is not always the case since the same advances have allowed technology to reach those places faster.

Main differences between Rural and Urban

  • The population density is higher in urban areas (cities) than in the countryside (rural areas).
  • In urban areas the spaces are smaller, while in rural areas the spaces are wide.
  • Urban areas have more advances in technology, science and economics than rural areas.
  • The pace of life is faster in urban areas than in rural areas.
  • More pollution can be found in urban areas than in rural areas.

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