Difference between Physician and Doctor

A doctor is a professional who practices medicine with the aim of preserving and recovering health and a doctor is a term granted in some Spanish-speaking countries to refer to doctors and those who receive an academic doctorate degree in an area of ​​knowledge specific.


It is a professional specializing in the area of ​​medicine, trying to preserve and restore human health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases or injuries in a person. He is a qualified health professional who provides an appropriate and rapid response to a health problem.

In the Spanish language and colloquially, this term is used to refer to a doctor, even if he does not have a doctorate degree.

In countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, the person in charge of obtaining medicine legally after acquiring a university degree that confirms their knowledge is known as a physician and doctor.


It is a term that refers to people who are dedicated to relieving different diseases. It is the one who has acquired the last academic degree offered by a university and is accredited to determine diseases and indicate a specific treatment. It is also known as a doctor who has obtained a doctorate, a high-level university academic degree.

For each type of doctorate, the student must have certain qualities to specialize in the selected activity. There are also letterheads that name a person as a doctor to reward her for her career.

Difference between Physician and Doctor

  • A doctor is a person who has reached the highest academic degree awarded by a university, called a doctorate.
  • A doctor is a person legally authorized to practice medicine after having reached the appropriate university degree for it.

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