What is the Difference Between Fats and Oils?

Speaking in the automotive field, we can think that when talking about fats and oils they are lubricants derived from petroleum and can be used for the same function. However, this is not entirely true since each one has a specific use that minimizes the friction of the teams.

What are fats?

This is a semi-solid material that is made up of a base oil, a series of additives and a thickener. The types of components and concentrations form the grease depending largely on the application to be used. It is used to reduce friction between two parts that decreases wear.

Multiple types of fat such as lithium, sodium fats and calcium fats are known. It is common to use sodium grease in bearings, while calcium greases are used to lubricate automobile chassis.

Currently, multipurpose greases have been released that combine several characteristics of greases, reducing the use of various types of grease.

What is oil?

They are those used to prevent moving metal parts from having direct contact with another part, thus reducing friction and wear between moving parts. Another important feature of this product is to spread the heat,

Clarifying, an engine is lubricated by oil that, together with the radiator, disperses the heat generated due to friction and combustion.

 Difference Between Oils and Fats

  • The appearance of fats is semi-solid at room temperature, while oils are marketed in a liquid state.
  • Greases are used in normal speed, oils focus more on high speed not allowing the use of greases.
  • Greases are easy to use in machinery, providing protection against impurities, oil is of restricted use since, being liquid, it is easier for it to spill and not remain in the required place.
  • Greases are used in guide bearings, slides, cams, while the oil goes directly to motors, transformers and compressors of any kind.
  • Fats are more resistant to cold than oil, since they do not have room temperature, they usually become solid.

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