What is the difference between need and desire?

These terms are constantly confused and used as a synonym. A need represents what we require in an indispensable way to live healthy, a desire is a yearning that we have when we want to satisfy a taste. Differences between need and desire

What is Need?

It is essential for our daily life, not fulfilling a need can lead to negative results, even death. They can be of a physiological type such as breathing or eating, of a psychological nature. Depending on its availability, it can be free (easy to find, available to everyone) or cheap.

For marketing, a need is a feeling of lack that is linked to the desire to satisfy it. The needs are the expression of what a living being requires in an indispensable way for its conservation and development. Differences between need and desire

What is Desire?

It is a longing or the need to satisfy a taste that moves our senses. It is the final consequence of an emotion induced by the variation of the environment. An emotion generates a feeling and this generates a desire. For marketing, a want is a need that takes the form of a product, company, or brand.

 Differences between need and desire

  • A need is not created, it exists and its satisfaction is necessary to maintain a suitable level of health.
  • A desire is created or encouraged by a marketing campaign or by the individual’s culture or beliefs.
  • Desires are preceded by feelings.
  • A need is generated by the body itself, either psychologically or physiologically.
  • Needs and their satisfaction are essential for life. Desire is a longing to satisfy a taste that has activated our senses or our feelings.
  • A need is a generated feeling.
  • Desire can be shaped by marketing, a need cannot be shaped, it just happens when it needs to be satisfied.

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