Difference between Motivation and Emotion

These are two terms that have been studied throughout psychology. They are impulses that orient and guide the attitudes of people in certain activities, produce concentration to achieve goals and objectives.

What is motivation?

It is a psychological component that guides, orients and determines the behavior of a person. This word comes from the Latin (motivus), motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. It is intrinsic when the person does an activity for their own incentives, that is, for their own pleasure in doing it.

It is extrinsic when the incentive that moves a human being comes from outside, it is an external incentive and does not come from the human being.

Motivation is related to a person’s personal, work, social or professional success. Therefore, it influences the actions and emotions of the human being. When an individual is motivated, he gives all of himself to carry out certain activities and tasks.

What is emotion?

It is a positive and negative feeling that is produced by an event, situation or memory. People feel emotions that come from stimuli in real or imagined situations, past or present.

 There are different types of emotions that are generally known as primary or basic. They experience a reaction to a stimulus such as sadness, fear, among others. Secondary emotions arise from the primary ones, that is, they originate from the main emotion.

We find different emotions that are positive and that affect the person for well-being such as joy, satisfaction and gratitude. Also, we find the negative emotions that affect the mood of a human being such as anger, rage, fear, rage, among others.

Differences between motivation and emotion

  • Motivation is a stimulus and emotion is a feeling.
  • Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic, that is, it can be internal or external, and emotion is always internal.
  • Motivation can be conditioned by emotions previously, this drives the person to act.

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