What is the difference between hygiene and cleanliness?

Easily confused, these are totally different terms, but closely related. Hygiene is a set of techniques to control the factors that exert harmful effects on health, while cleaning refers to the actions that lead to the removal of dirt.

What is Hygiene?

It is the set of techniques and knowledge that allow us to control the factors that can cause harmful effects on health. They are habits related to personal care and our environment to positively affect health by preventing diseases. The term comes from Hygieia, the goddess of healing in Greek mythology.

Hygiene began to be a concern for the State during the Industrial Revolution when it was understood that factories had to be cleaned up. Thanks to Pasteur’s experiments, the germ theory of infectious diseases was proven, hygiene became more important in medicine and in daily life. Hygiene aims to improve health, preserve it and prevent disease.

What is Cleaning?

They are those actions that remove dirt from an object or someone. Its purpose is nothing more than the elimination of all bacteria and microorganisms in the various environments in which people and in people live.

When you clean it eradicates all the dirt, leftovers, stains and debris. Cleaning is the removal of dirt and bacteria and all those agents that produce it.

Differences between hygiene and cleanliness

  • Hygiene is all the methods an individual uses to stay clean.
  • Cleaning is the set of actions that lead to removing dirt and bacteria from something or someone.
  • Hygiene aims to improve health, preserve it and prevent diseases, this leads to actions not only of cleaning but also of adequacy of spaces.
  • The goal of cleansing is to remove all those that are impure.

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