What is the difference between emotion and feeling? Well explained

The difference between emotion and feeling is something that often causes confusion, especially when trying to discover the intentions of a person or study the human mind.

What is an emotion?

Emotions and feelings from psychology is a set of hormonal and neurochemical responses that predispose us to react in a certain way to various external stimuli.

Emotions are generated by the limbic system of the brain, it reacts by remembering a certain experience or sensation, so that we can react in a certain way since we are predisposed to do so.

Explaining it in a better way, we could say that throughout our lives, our brain is not limited to “memorizing data”, but rather learns how to react to certain experiences.

In a certain way, the information about what we experience goes hand in hand with the information about how we react to that stimulus, they are two separate kinds of information.

What is a feeling?

It is similar to emotion in that its response is related to the limbic system. In other words, it is a spontaneous reaction that cannot be controlled, but we can evaluate whether it is a good or negative feeling.

An example would be when we see a spider, we will evaluate and reflect on whether they are aggressive, if they are tender and how that stimulus we are perceiving makes us feel. Then…

What is the difference between emotion and feeling?

As we have seen, both feelings and emotions are experiences that cannot be controlled, we react to different situations spontaneously.

Summarizing all that has been said, we would affirm that the fundamental difference between emotion and feelings is that the former is totally basic, primitive and unidirectional (in the sense that it is something that appears automatically when a stimulus is presented).

While the feeling includes the ability to think and reflect consciously about what you feel and, therefore, has to do with the ability to think in abstract and symbolic terms. Whether you search for “Difference between emotion and feeling on Yahoo” or “emotions and feelings in book”, it will always be the same principle.

 Key Difference Between Feeling and Emotion

  • Emotions are less durable than feelings, but emotions are more intense than feelings.
  • The result of a set of emotions is the birth of a feeling.
  • Emotions are psychophysiological reactions to external stimuli. Whereas feelings are conscious evaluations of our emotions.

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