What is the difference between DNA and RNA? Well explained

Although they are different terms and equally separate functions, they are often confused. There are differences between DNA and RNA . The first and one of the most important refers to the presence of different glucose in the molecules of both. Dexosyribose in DNA and Ribose in RNA, that’s where their names come from.

  • DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  • RNA: Ribonucleic Acid


Differences between DNA and RNA

  1. Both contain repeating units of nucleotides, but as we have seen before, the difference is in glucose. RNA contains more nucleic acids , 4 times more than DNA to be specific. This characteristic allows the RNA to have a greater capacity to assume different functions and forms.
  2. The DNA has the most important job, which is the selection of the genetic code that is going to be transmitted to the next generation. While the RNA to transcribe those codes. Put another way, DNA writes it and RNA carries it .
  3. Deoxyribose in DNA contains CH bonds, therefore its reaction under alkaline conditions is less and that makes it more stable. DNA is very strong and can hardly be attacked by enzymes or other harmful substances. On the other hand, ribose is more reactive to C-OH bonds and is not as stable under alkaline conditions, therefore it is more vulnerable to attack and ultraviolet rays.
  4. Both are nucleic acids, although they differ in some details. DNA groups its proteins in the form of helices, but in pairs, being a double chain, while RNA forms a simple helix.
  5. Your DNA’s ultimate goal is to store long-term transfer to future offspring of genetic information. While RNA performs the function of messenger between DNA and ribosomes.
  6. DNA is in the nucleus, RNA is in the nucleus as well as in the cytoplasm.

Both because of the similarities between DNA and RNA, and because of their differences, it is interesting to know that the traits of a person depend on them. Both are essential for the evolution of species and are part of the key to life, and this is the answer you will find searching for “difference between DNA and RNA on Yahoo or Google or any book”

 Based on the above we can highlight 4 differences between DNA and RNA molecules
  • DNAs stores genetic information, but RNA works as a messenger.
  • DNAs uses deoxyribose and RNA uses ribose.
  • DNAs is stable under alkaline conditions but RNA is not.
  • RNAs is single stranded, DNA is double stranded.

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