What is the difference between CrossFit and Functional Training?

We all want to improve our physical condition, and we look for different options to achieve our goal, the ideal is to have professional help to develop an adequate exercise routine.

In a gym it is common to find a variety of routines, well known and used by bodybuilders and the general public. This is where CrossFit comes in and the training works. Each routine has different benefits for our body.

What is CrossFit?

It is a form of strength training and physical improvement, it is made up of a variety of exercises, they must be executed by the athlete at a high intensity . Crossfit is a brand owned by CrossFit Inc , which was founded by Greg Glassman.

CrossFit took place in California since 1995, from there they began to train police, firefighters, military among others.

Glassman patented CrossFit, because after working with several people, he created a routine to optimize training time as well as the effectiveness of the exercises. That way you get the maximum results in less time.

What is functional entreitenement?

It is one that is performed by concentrating on exercises that are functional within a daily life. These exercises simulate physical movements and work that we frequently do in different activities, such as at work.

It is a fairly personalized training, where each person performs different exercises, depending on the need and capacity. The exercises are performed based on the weight of the athlete, sometimes accessories are required to perform a routine, such as cones, weights, rings, among others.

Some of the functional training exercises can be pulling on a pulley, lifting heavy objects from the floor and many more.

Difference between Crossfit and functional training

  • Crossfit performs high-intensity exercises, while functional is based on light exercises that are used for day to day.
  • Crossfit is developed for people with more physical abilities, so much so that functional crossfit can be practiced by people of all ages.
  • Crossfit develops specialized routines, the functional one being freer.
  • Crossfit should be practiced in a gym where there is a trained trainer to direct the routine, the functional one can be practiced anywhere.
  • Crossfit has world events that aim to compete for a title, with the other free events being less prominent.

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