What is the difference between Clinic and Hospital?

Both sites are medical centers that guarantee that patients receive care according to the basic needs of diagnosis, care or disease prevention.


It is a health center with a private model where doctors of different specializations work and are in charge of receiving patients, who claim to contain a certain pathology.

The clinical term is strictly related to the exclusive care of the patient. It means, according to your diagnosis, the specialist doctor is in charge of the care and recovery individually. The clinics are provided with laboratories and dormitories, as well as specific sites for the integrated care of the various diseases according to age or symptoms.


This institution has a public model and is provided by the current government power. The largest number of specialists in a locality work in this assistance axis, since, being a public instance, their subscription is important.

There are three types of hospitals, divided by the level of care or complexity of the diagnoses. Taking into account a first, a second and a third level that are described as affectations that will go from simple to serious, critical to terminal.

 In hospitals there is service to the public and there are all possible specializations of doctors 24 hours a day. Among the advantages of the hospital is that the care is free, it is due to being a social entity.

Differences between clinic and hospital

  • The clinic is a health center with a private model, that is, the care is paid.
  • In the hospital care is free for referring to a public institution.
  • The clinic can be accessed until certain hours, in turn, the doctors who work in it adjust to the statutory hours of the employees.
  • The hospital is available 24 hours a day. Doctors work through guards both night and day.
  • The clinics are delivered by their owners who are generally treated by associations or civil society.
  • Hospitals are public institutions. Its infrastructure is provided by a group of relevant entities.

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